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How To Distinguish The Quality Of Insulation Strips?


How to distinguish the quality of insulation strips?

The insulation strip is the core component of the threaded insulation profile, which serves as a "bridge break" in the heat transfer path of the aluminum profile, reducing the transfer of heat in the aluminum profile area. It is also the structural join of the aluminum profiles on both sides of the thermal insulation profile. Through the connection of the thermal insulation strip, the three parts of the thermal insulation profile become a whole and bear the load together.

The insulation strip is different from the adhesive strip in that it is made of new composite materials through mechanical rolling and cannot be replaced separately. Replacement can only be done together with the entire profile. So how can we distinguish the quality of insulation strips? Mainly seen from the following points:

1. Linear coefficient of insulation strip

2. Transverse tensile strength of insulation strips

3. Aging resistance and weather resistance of heat insulation strip

4. Dimensional accuracy and stability of insulation strips

As for the toughness mentioned above, with higher toughness and elastic modulus, it is easy to deform, which means that the insulation strip is prone to elongation and cannot be restored.

Alright, the above is a brief introduction about insulation strips. I hope the above content can be helpful to you. If you want to learn more about insulation strips, we will see you next time.